Kumpoo Lanting High Modulus Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket - Unstrung

Rs. 4,499.00
SKU: KUM75766
by Kumpoo

Discover a superior game with the Kumpoo Lanting Badminton Racket - Unstrung. This premium badminton racket is crafted with ease of use and performance in mind, giving a luxurious experience with each smash and stroke of the shuttlecock. Its high-modulus carbon fiber construction provides a reliable and durable platform to propel you to the next level. Enjoy the feel of luxury and elite performance, all within a single racket.

Disclaimer: This racket is not supplied with strings. We recommend consulting a professional for string installation. The recommended string tension is below 30 pounds.


Type: Offensive⚡
Length: 675MM
Material: High-modulus carbon fiber
Balance: 293+5mm
Weight: 82%2G (4U)
Tension: <30lbs
Type: Offensive


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