Tomica - Double Action Tomica Bld.50th ver.

Rs. 5,999.00

The best way to indulge in your passion for cars is here!

Tomica by Tomy Japan has some of the finest 1:64 scale die-cast metal models for car enthusiasts, collectors, and children alike. The first Tomica was made in 1970! So you are about to own an over 50-year-old legacy that has been trusted by millions of car enthusiasts.

This Tomica play set is a perfect addition to your car collection. This will give you endless playtime. Compatible with hot wheels.

There is a diverse selection of cars, bikes, buses, airplanes, military vehicles, construction vehicles, and amazing playsets to keep you busy with your passion for cars. Needless to say, keeps the kids away from mobile screens as well.

Every Tomica vehicle is licensed, comes in collector-friendly packaging, and is a perfect gifting option for anyone.


  • Licensed playset model for 1:64 scale car models.
  • Designed by Takara Tomy, Japan.
  • Part of the over 50-year-old Tomica range of car models.
  • Compatible with Tomica and hot wheels as well as other 1:64 scale cars.
SKU: TT153092

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