Tomica No.027-13 Toyota Japan Taxi Diecast Scale Model Collectible Car

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by Tomica

Tomica by Tomy Japan: Unleash your passion for cars! These 1:64 scale die-cast metal models are the ultimate choice for enthusiasts, collectors, and kids. With over 50 years of trusted legacy, they offer unmatched realism and quality. From cars to planes, buses to construction vehicles, Tomica has it all. Get ready to rev up your excitement and leave the screens behind. Perfectly packaged and licensed, Tomica is the ultimate gift for car lovers. Fuel your passion with Tomica today!

  • Licensed 1:64 scale metal car models.
  • Designed by Takara Tomy, Japan.
  • Part of the over 50-year-old Tomica range of car models.
  • Features realistic car details and suspension system.
  • Collect all the Tomica vehicles.
  • A diverse selection of cars, bikes, buses, airplanes, military vehicles, construction vehicles, and amazing playsets.