Funko Pop Harry Potter- 10" Voldemort w/Nagini #109

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He Who Must Not Be Named

The orphaned boy of a wretch and her bewitched lover, Tom Riddle always knew he was special. Exhibiting a twisted curiosity for eternal life during his time at Hogwarts, he relentlessly pursued his own immortality. His rise to power was swift and brutal, and he faced no challenge until he attempted to kill baby Harry. Biding his time gathering what little strength remained and plotting his next attempt at seizing absolute power, he wasn't seen again until Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Facing several defeats at the hands of young Harry, he cemented his return to corporeal form at the end of Harry's fourth year. Little did he know, his insurance policy - in the form of several Horcruxes - had been chipped away piece by piece prior to his final meeting with Harry; who was finally able to defeat him in combat, once and for all.

This supersized 10" Pop! features a newly once-again corporeal Voldemort, with his loyal snake Nagini.  


Type: Harry Potter
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