The Big Bang Theory

Celebrate geek culture with the longest-running multicamera comedy in TV history. The beloved hit series has run for 12 seasons with over 275 episodes & counting.
Bring home Pop! Leonard Hofstadter #778, Pop! Sheldon Cooper #776,
Pop! Penny #780, Pop! Howard Wolowitz #777,
Pop! Rajesh Koothrappali #781, Pop! Amy Farrah Fowler #779,
Pop! Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz #783 and Pop! Stuart Bloom #782,
but whatever you do, make sure you save just the right spot on the couch for Sheldon!
You can also bring home San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusives,  
Pop! Howard dressed as Batman, Pop! Leonard as the Green Lantern,
Pop! Penny as Wonder Woman, Pop! Raj as Aquaman,
Pop! Sheldon as The Flash
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